The Vehicle

2014 Competition Vehicle

More information about the vehicles can be found in our design reports:

Some of the subsystems we have built previously include:

Vehicle Drivetrain

Adjustable Drivetrain

  • Front Wheel Drive with Derailleur and Disk Brakes
  • Tiller-Style Steering with Adjustable Steering Limiters
  • Unique Rider Variation Compensation System (RVCS) allows for riders from 5'4" to 6'2".
Aerodynamic Fairing

Aerodynamic Fairing

  • Rigid Monocoque Structure Protects Rider and Holds Subsystems Together
  • Optimized for Low Drag (Simulated CD = 0.054)
  • Excellent Window Visibility
  • NACA Ducts for Inward Airflow
Slow Speed Stability System

Slow Speed Stability System

  • Deployable Landing Gear Wheels Support Rider when Starting & Stopping
  • Intuitive User Interaction with Single Lever on Handlebars for Actuation
  • Power Take-Off from Rear Wheel Powers Wheel Actuation