A Shift of Plans

March 6, 2013

In October, we decided to attend the HPVC West Competition. Several months later, we have abandoned this plan and will instead be attending the HPVC East competition on April 26-28 at Ferris State University in Big Rapids, Michigan.

Although the team was excited about doing something new and traveling cross-country, we decided at the beginning of this semester that this would not be the most effective use of our limited funds and it seemed a waste. Our team has never really had extra money floating around so spending a large portion of our budget on the transit required to make it to the west coast seemed like it would not be the best use of funds toward achieving our team's goals.

While this is a little bit of a disappointment, HPVC East is typically a bigger competition and we're really excited to compete in it. Our vehicle has been progressing well and we think we'll have a great shot at being competitive come the end of April and are confident that we've made the right decision in this endeavor.

Get Ready Michigan - Olin is coming.