Leaning Trikes & Monowheels

September 27, 2013

The 2013-2014 school year has started up and the team is already hard at work. After spending some time fixing up old bikes, we presented our work at club fair and recruited a number of team members. With the new team members, we held a brainstorming session to decide on a couple of ideas for projects for a "6 week bike build-off". The goal is to split into sub-teams and build a couple of vehicles in just a couple of weeks to explore some new concepts and manufacturing techniques.

Our bike build-off concepts for the time being are a monowheel and a leaning tricycle. Each idea will put our design and manufacturing skills to the test. Check back in a couple weeks to see the progress.

On another note, The Plaid Panther is almost up and running again. We had to take a few parts off of it to get Seabagel running for Club Fair but hopefully we'll have both running soon so we can do some proper speed comparisons.